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Quickfound.net's Vimeo channel features documentary, educational & training
films which have been improved with both audio and video noise reduction.


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  Real Estate & Realtors

Realtor.com The National Association of Realtors website has 1.3 million homes listed for sale, and provides information on neighborhoods, etc.

RealEstate.com pricing search includes estimated property taxes, HOA fees, PMI, utilities, insurance and closing costs.

Missile Bases.com The ultimate in secure real estate, this company markets former ballistic missle bases converted into homes.

  Moving & Destination Information

Neighborhoods & City Info Moving.com lets you search for information about where you're going, with community profiles, with information on pollen levels, crime, etc.

US K-12 School Directory The American School Directory has information on 108,000 local K-12 schools.

Unpakt.com Find out what it will cost you to move. Maybe you should sell it all through an auction web site.

  Home Repair
    ( see also: Home Improvement & DIY )

Home Repair Articles The Natural Handyman provides over 100 articles on specific home repair topics, in a drop-down menu on this page.

More Home Repair Easy2DIY.com has many searchable do-it-yourself home repair and improvement tutorials, and they are very well illustrated.

  Housing Wire

  Forbes Real Estate


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