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  Woodwork & Carpentry

Popular Woodworking This woodworking magazine includes a "Woodworker's Library" archive of furniture making plans, plus product reviews, tool tests, shop solutions, buyer's guides, and workshop tips.

Fine Woodworking Online has tips and articles on tools, techniques, materials, and projects.

  Welding, Brazing, Metalworking, Blacksmithing...

The Welding Journal A partially-online journal from the American Welding Society (AWS), founded in 1919. Some articles are free online, and you can search the article index and order photocopies from past issues back to 1922.

Oxy-Acetylene Welding & Brazing is a tutorial on bicycle frame building.

Ron Reill's Forge Page More than just a blacksmith, geologist Ron Reill also designs and builds his own forges and burners. This and other aspects of metalworking are described here, along with links and access to the Blacksmith's Web Ring.

Silversmithing The American Society of Silversmiths has a comprehensive website with news, events info, links, and info about schools and workshops, plus many articles on silver care and restoration, metalsmith's tips, and photography for metalsmiths.

Metal Plating & Finishing is "the home page of the finishing industry". Features include how to get started in metal finishing, how to do electroplating demos for science class, and how to plate non-metallic things.

Pat's Big List of Metalwork Links

  Stone Work

Basic Stone Work

  Glass Blowing & Stained Glass

Glassblowing Plus Mike Firth's "Hot Glass Bits" is a comprehensive site that covers glassblowing and most other things you might want to do with glass. Highlights include a description of a glassblowing session and a glossary of tools and equipment and where to get them.

Stained Glass Soldering "Cole Sonafrank's Stained Glass Soldering Tips Page" describes what it takes to learn good stained glass soldering (practice makes perfect). With links to more stained glass info.


Pottery Tutorial "Start Out With Clay" is a very basic introduction to pottery making.

  Fiberglass & Composites, Carbon Fiber... has numerous DIY tutorials, including How to Fiberglass Like a Pro, a good intro to working with fiberglass and resin.

Composites Search Engine "The largest database of composite industry related web sites on the internet".

  Amateur Science

Science Hobbyist This independent site for amateur scientists includes links, project ideas, and a feature called "Physics for Bored Commuters".


Circuit Cellar An online magazine for electronics hobbyists, particularly those interested in homebuilt computers or projects using embedded controllers.

MicroChip Technologies Microchip is a manufacturer of "PIC" embedded controller chips, microprocessors used by hobbyists to control homebuilt devices. Their website includes a developer's area, with much information on using PIC chips, and links to other electronic hobbyist's resources.

Basic Soldering Guide Provided by Everyday Practical Electronics magazine, this site covers how to solder, types of soldering iron, desoldering, and troubleshooting, with a photo gallery of good and poor soldering.


Crystal Radios An entire society, and website, dedicated to crystal set radios (or "xtal sets"). The site has online plans for cigar box and Quaker oat box crystal sets, information on their email newsletter and books, and more.

Zenith Transoceanic Radios "During its life the Zenith TransOceanic Radio was the finest tube-type portable shortwave radio in the world... The fact is that it had everything necessary to be a luxury item - fine craftsmanship, often to military specs... Tremendous performance." An overview of all of the models of these collectors items, with photographs, info on tube and battery replacements, links to other radio collectors sites, and more.

Amateur Radio Relay League The American Radio Relay League, an organization of ham radio operators that is over 75 years old, and their magazine, "QST". The site has plenty of information for everyone, and even more if you join.

  Photography & Cinematography (Photo & Video)

Photo Links A categorical directory of photography websites.

(Digital) Imaging Resource Articles, tips, and FAQs to help you select and use a digital camera or scanner.

  Cooking & Recipes

Betty Crocker Recipies from the most famous name in the recipie business. These are "kitchen-tested" recipies drawn from over 200 Betty Crocker cookbooks.

AllRecipies It's hard to believe the name, but they do have a lot of recipies. This is a database of user-submitted recipies, so the quality might not be as consistent as Betty Crocker, although the variety is tremedous.

Vegsource "Health without the hype", they proclaim. 10,000 vegetarian recipies, discussion forums led by doctors, articles, an "ask our experts" section, and more.

  Instructables DIY Plans

  Makezine DIY Plans

  Free Online Carpentry Books (.pdf)

The Amateur Carpenter 1915
Practical Carpentry 1907
The Carpenter's Cyclopedia 1913
Carpenter's New Guide 1867
Modern Carpentry 1917
Modern Carpentry 1858
Carpentry 1913
Rustic Carpentry 1908
Carpentry & Joinery 1905
Carpentry & Woodwork 1911
Mech. Principles of Carpentry 1827
Principles of Carpentry 1853
Carpentry Elements & Practice 1845
Carpentry Made Easy 1859
Carpentry for Beginners 1917
Woodwork & Carpentry intro text 1911
Essentials of Woodworking 1908
Wood Design & Const. 1913
Handwork in Wood 1910
Woodworking Machinery 1894
Wood-Working Machines 1872
Wood-Working Tools 1881
Bench Work in Wood 1905
Woodworking for Beginners 1907
The Band Saw 1921
Wood Turner's Handbook lathe 1901
Lathe & Its Uses wood & metal 1868

  Free Online Wood Books

Mech Properties of Wood 1914
Species of Wood 1908
ID of Woods of the US 1919
Wood & Forest 1912
Text-Book of Wood 1921
Wood & Its Uses 1874
Woods of the US 1885
Commercial Woods of the US 1911
Timbers of Commerce 1904
Wood... 1917
Wood: Nat History & Apps 1902
N. American Gymnosperms 1907
Pacific Coast Woods 1916
Woods of Ohio 1915
New South Wales Hardwood 1887
Timber 1895
Wood for Ties & Timbers 1917
Timber Strength, Seasoning... 1919
Seasoning of Timber 1903
Tests of Structural Timbers 1912
Distillation of Wood Waste 1907
Wood Distillates & Extracts 1908

  Free Online Wood Finishing Books

Wood Finishing 1908
UTD Hardwood Finisher 1904

  Free Wood Preserving Books

Preservation of Wood 1919
Preservation of Timber 1916
Wood Preservation in US 1909
Wood Preservation Handbook 1916
Treating Railroad Ties 1913
Decay of Timber 1902
Effect of Moisture on Wood 1906
Dry Rot in Wood 1875


  Free Online Wood Carving Books

W. Carving: Design & Work. 1903
Art of Wood Carving 1867
Wood Sculpture 1911
The Statue in Wood 1918
Fret-Cutting & Wood Carving 1875
Wood Carver of Salem bio 1916
English Church Woodwork 1919
Hand-Book of Wood Engraving 1881
Wood-engraving To-day 1917
15th C. Wood Engraving in Italy 1888
History of Wood Engraving 1895
Wood & Metal Engraving Ruskin 1891

  Free Online Paint & Paper Books

Painter's Encyclopaedia 1887
Painter's Manual 1836
House Painting... 1918
Exterior Painting 1910
Interior Painting 1910
Pigments & Their Vehicles 1908
Wallpaper-Hanger's Companion 1852
House Decoration 1897

  Free Online Metalworking Books

Practical Blacksmithing 1888
Modern Blacksmithing 1904
Casting & Founding 1892
Composition, Heat Treat. Steel 1911
Drop Forging... 1911
Alloys & Processes for Brass 1910
Modern Milling Machines 1906
Hand-Book for Millwrights 1910
Sheet-Metal Worker's Instr. 1906
Thread-Cutting Methods 1918
Dies, Construction & Use 1902
Metal-Worker's Assistant 1864

  Free Online Weld & Solder Books

Modern Methods of Welding 1922
Welding, Practical Treatise 1920
Welding & Cutting Metals 1909
Oxy-Acetylene Welding Manual 1919
Manual of Gas Welding 1915
Gas Torch & Thermit Welding 1921
Spot & Arc Welding 1920
Electric Arc Welding 1921
Electric Welding 1918
Simple Soldering 1910
Soldering & Brazing 1919


  Free Online Machine Books

Elements of Mechanism 1852
Engineer's Hand-Book 1911
Modern Mechanism 1904
Machinery Repair & Maint. 1895
Advanced Machine Work 1915
Machinery's Reference Series 1912

  Free Online Machine Shop Books

The Advanced Machinist 1903
Complete Practical Machinist 1887
Machine Shop Const. & Equip. 1906
Machine Shop Tools 1903
Rogers Machinist's Guide 1913
Machine Tools, Operation 1922
Machine Shop Tools & Practice 1918
Machine Shop Tools 1903
Modern Shop Practice 1917
Audels Engrs & Mechs Guide 1921

  Free Online Workshop Books

Amateur Mechanic's Workshop 1870
The Young Mechanic 1871
Workshop Model Making 1919
Patternmaking 1920
Abrasives & Abrasive Wheels 1919

  Free Online Steam Books

Boiler Construction 1904
Steam Boiler Physics 1903
Steam & Hot Water Heating 1912
Steam Engineering 1907
The Modern Steam Engine 1908
Model Steam Engine Manual 1902
Steam Engines 1913
Steam Engines 1917
Locomotive Engines 1883
Rail. & Locomotive Engineering 1919
Railroad Shop Practice 1921

  More Free Online Books

Tool Steel 1902
Tool Making 1919
Modern Toolmaking Methods 1915
Practical Tool Maker 1898
Accurate Tool Work 1908
Tools & Machines history 1908
The Saw in History 1916
Elementary Mechanical Drawing 1886
Refrigeration 1908
Modern Plumbing 1915
Pumping & Hydraulic Machinery 1913

Online Book Search Engines

  Free Fashion Books (.pdfs)

Instructive Costume Design 1922
Clothing: Choice, Care, Cost 1922
Russian Festival Costumes 1921
Tempered Dress Kuppenheimer 1921
Costume Design & Illustration 1918
Secrets of Distinctive Dress 1918
Woman as Decoration 1917
Costume Design 1916
Art & Ethics of Dress 1915
Dress in America 1800-1870 1910
Women of All Nations 1908
English Costume 1066-1830 v4 1906
Automobile Garments Saks 1905
How We Are Clothed 1904
Costume in America 1620-1820 1903
Quaker Costume 1901
Dress of the Best US Society 1894
Chapters on Greek Dress 1893
Frenchwoman of the Century 1887
Art as Applied to Dress 1885
Art in Ornament & Dress 1877
Dictionary of Dress 1876
What to Wear? 1873
Hints on Dress 1872
Color in Dress: A Manual 1870
Annals of Fashion 1847
History of British Costume 1834
Costume in England 1834
18th Cent. London Customs 1810

  Free Sewing-Dressmaking Books

Pattern Making 1922
Elements of Hand Sewing 1919
Garments for Girls 1919
Manual of Home-Making 1919
Sewing & Textiles 1918
Dressmaking: A Manual 1917
Dressmaking as a Trade 1916
Dressmaking & Millinery 1916
Clothing & Health 1916
Handbook of Elementary Sewing 1915
Sewing Course for Teachers 1913
Domestic Art in Woman's Ed. 1911
Textbook on Domestic Art 1911
Sewing for Little Girls 1911
Goodwin's Course in Sewing 1910
When Mother Lets Us Sew 1910
Drafting Ladies' Clothing 1907
Hand Sewing Lessons 1905
Exercises in Hand Sewing 1904
The Complete Housekeeper 1903
Home & School Sewing 1901
Sewing & Home Dressmaking 1898
The Home Needle 1898
Elementary Needlework 1896
Art & Practice of Needlework 1895
Sewing Teachers Handbook 1893
School Needlework 1893
Gazette of Fashion 1881
The Tailor's Manual 1856

  Free Sewing Machine Books

Sewing Machine Mech. Singer 1914
Sewing Machine Buyer's Guide 1874
Sewing Machine History 1864

  Free Knitting Books

Spool Knitting 1909
Knitting Socks 1883
The Art of Knitting 1861
Knitting & Netting Book 1840

  Free Crochet Books

Dorcas Magazine crochet 1885
Crochet, Guipure, Lacet... 1853
My Crochet Sampler 1844

  Free Embroidery Books

Embroidery in America 1921
English Secular Embroidery 1912
Handicraft for Girls 1910
Embroidery, Craft of Needle 1907
Art in Needlework 1907
Needlework as Art 1886
Young Ladies' Work-Table 1885
Ladies' Work-Table Book 1845
Hand-Book of Needlework 1842
Art of Needlework 1841

  Free Weaving & Loom Books

Labor-Saving Looms 1907
Weave Construction Manual 1903
Hand-Loom Weaving 1902
Loom & Spindle 1898
Jacquard Weaving & Designing 1895
Mechanism of Weaving 1894
Weaving by Hand & Power 1873
Power Loom & Lowell 1858
Weaving by Hand & Power 1844
Memoir of Edmund Cartwright 1843
The Art of Weaving 1831


  Free Garment Trade Books

Cost of Clothing Kuppenheimer 1920
Brooks Brothers 1818-1918 1918
The Garment Trades 1916
Dress Industry Wages 1915
Clothing Industry Occupations 1914
New York Clothing Industry 1905
Clothier & Furnisher 1894

  Free Silk & Silkworm Books

Silk 1922
Silk Essays 1915
Glossary of Silk Terms 1915
Silk Mill Costs 1912
Silk Manufacturing 1913
Chemical Aspects of Silk Mfg 1910
Silk Industry of the World 1904
Kashmir: Its New Silk Industry 1904
Silk Throwing & Waste Spinning 1903
Silk: Origin, Culture, Mfg 1902
Monograph on Silk Fabrics 1900
Ornament in European Silks 1899
Silk: Entomology, History & Mfg 1887
American Silk Manufacture 1887
Silk Manufacture in the US 1883
Silk Industry of Great Britain 1882
Wild Silks of India 1881
Silk Goods of America 1880
Silk Industry in America 1876
Scenes in the Sandwich Islands 1844
Silk Culturist's Manual 1839
American Silk Grower's Guide 1839
Mulberry Tree & Silkworm 1832

  Free Cotton Books

Forecasting Yield of Cotton 1917
Properties of Raw Cotton 1915
Cotton Trade Guide 1915
The Structure of Cotton Fibre 1908
Cotton Weaving & Designing 1909
Cotton Spinning v1 Thornley 1908
Cotton Spinning v3 Thornley 1907
Wild & Cultivated Cotton Plants 1907
Cotton Cultivation 1904
American Cotton Industry 1903
Cotton & Cotton Oil 1901
Cotton Spinning Taggart 1898
The Cotton Plant 1896
Cotton Weaving 1895
Cotton Spinning & Weaving 1893
Cotton in Egypt 1892
Cotton Spinning Marsden 1888
Report on Cotton Insects 1879
Cotton from Seed to Loom 1878
History of Cotton 1872
The Cotton Question 1866
Mule Spinning Process 1865
Art of Dying on Cotton 1861
Cotton Spinning Guide 1851
Memoir of Samuel Slater cotton 1836
Cotton Spinning Practice 1833

  Free Wool Books

Wool Substitutes 1922
Survey of the Wool Industry 1922
The Wool-Growing Industry 1921
Wool & Wool Manufacture 1920
Wool 1919
On the Wool Track 1910
Structure of Wool Fibre 1908
Woolen & Worsted Looms 1906
The Dyeing of Wool 1905
American Woolen Co. Mills 1901
Woolen & Worsted Mfg 1899
Tops: Dev. of US Worsted Mfg 1898
History of Wool & Woolcombing 1889
Manufactures of Wool 1894
Logwood in Wool-Dyeing 1892
History of English Woolen Ind. 1887
Intro of Woolen Mfg to US 1882
History of the Shoddy-Trade 1860
Wool & Woolens in Britain 1859
Colonial Wools 1848
History of Woolen & Worsted 1842
Memoirs of Wool, &c. 1747
Adv. of Wool Mfg in Scotland 1683

  Free Linen & Flax Books

Flax, Hemp & Jute Spinning 1907
Flax, Tow & Jute Spinning 1907
Flax Culture for Seed & Fibre 1898
Flax Culture 1888
Phormium Tenax as a Fibre 1872
Flax & Hemp 1854
The Flax Industry 1852
Cultivation of Flax 1847
Cultivation & Mgmt of Flax 1846


  Free Online Textile Books

Textiles: A Handbook 1920
Textiles & Clothing 1919
Yarn & Cloth Making 1918
Study of Fabrics 1918
Textiles & Costume Design 1917
Textiles 1916
Dictionary of Textiles 1915
Textiles for Schools 1914
Advanced Textile Design 1913
Shelter & Clothing 1913
Textile Design & Colour 1912
Textiles & Clothing 1911
Philadelphia Textile Industries 1911
How the World is Clothed Carpenter 1908
Textile Industries of the US 1893
Wade's Fibre & Fabric journal 1888
Production of Clothing 1851
History of Silk, Cotton, Linen... 1845

Peruvian Fabrics 1916
Peruvian Textiles 1915
Fabrics of Ancient Peru 1889
Fibrous Plants of India 1855

Testing Yarns & Fabrics 1920
Chemistry for Textile Students 1918
Analysis of Woven Fabrics 1914
Methods of Textile Chemistry 1908
Chemistry of Textile Fibres 1902

  Free Tropical Fibre Books

The Textile Fibres 1907
Forage & Fibre Crops 1907
Useful Fibre Plants of the World 1897
All About Aloe & Ramin Fibres 1890
Tropical Fibres 1863

  Free Leather & Tanning Books

Hide & Skins & Leather Mfg 1921
Leather Manufacturer 1917
The Story of Leather 1915
Skins Into Leather 1915
Leather Chemist's Pocket-Book 1912
Puering, Bating & Drenching 1912
Modern American Tanning 1910
Tanners' & Chemists' Handbook 1909
Leather Industries Lab Book 1908
Leather Trades Chemistry 1908
Leather Manufacture 1906
Leather Manufacture 1903
Art of Leather Manufacture 1885
US Leather Manufacture 1876
Arts of Tanning, Currying... 1865
Art of Tanning Leather 1857
Tanning & Currying Leather 1852
Tanning & Currying 1773

  Free Glove Books

Gloves & Glove Trade 1921
US Leather Glove Industry 1913
Gloves 1883

  Free Laundry Books

Guide to Laundry-Work 1915
Laundering 1914
Laundry Work 1909
Home Laundering Methods 1906

  Free Books about Dyes & Dyeing

Synthetic Colouring Matters 1922
Dyes Classed by Intermediates 1922
Fundamental Dye Chemistry 1921
Dyeing & Textile Chemistry 1921
Coal Tar Dyes & Intermediates 1919
The Dyeing Industry 1919
Colour in Relation to Chemistry 1918
Natural Organic Colouring 1918
Artificial Dye-Stuffs 1917
The Chemistry of Dyeing 1915
Textile Dying Lab Manual 1909
Survey of Organic Colouring 1908
Chemistry & Physics of Dyeing 1906
Chemistry of Dye-Stuffs 1903
Principles of Dyeing 1903
Chemistry of Pigments 1902
Mfg of Mineral & Lake Pigments 1901
Bleaching, Dyeing, Calico-Print. 1884
The Textile Colourist 1877
Dyeing & Calico Printing 1876
Colours & Dye Wares 1870
Dyeing & Calico Printing 1860
Chemistry of Calico Printing... 1860
The Dyer's Instructor 1860
Chemistry Applied to Dyeing 1853
Dyer & Colour-Makers Comp. 1850
Dying Wool, Cotton & Silk 1834
Art of Dyeing & Bleaching 1824
Research in Permanent Colours 1814

Online Book Search Engines