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  Woodwork & Carpentry

American Woodworker This woodworking magazine includes a "Woodworker's Library" archive of furniture making plans, plus product reviews, tool tests, shop solutions, buyer's guides, and workshop tips.

Furniture Plans It is difficult to find anyone giving away furniture plans online (although many sell them). These free furniture plans links are from

Fine Woodworking Online has tips and articles on tools, techniques, materials, and projects.

  Welding, Brazing, Metalworking, Blacksmithing...

The Welding Journal A partially-online journal from the American Welding Society (AWS), founded in 1919. Some articles are free online, and you can search the article index and order photocopies from past issues back to 1922.

Oxy-Acetylene Welding & Brazing is a tutorial on bicycle frame building.

Ron Reill's Forge Page More than just a blacksmith, geologist Ron Reill also designs and builds his own forges and burners. This and other aspects of metalworking are described here, along with links and access to the Blacksmith's Web Ring.

Silversmithing The American Society of Silversmiths has a comprehensive website with news, events info, links, and info about schools and workshops, plus many articles on silver care and restoration, metalsmith's tips, and photography for metalsmiths.

Metal Plating & Finishing is "the home page of the finishing industry". Features include how to get started in metal finishing, how to do electroplating demos for science class, and how to plate non-metallic things.

Pat's Big List of Metalwork Links

  Stone Work

Basic Stone Work

  Glass Blowing & Stained Glass

Glassblowing Plus Mike Firth's "Hot Glass Bits" is a comprehensive site that covers glassblowing and most other things you might want to do with glass. Highlights include a description of a glassblowing session and a glossary of tools and equipment and where to get them.

Stained Glass Soldering "Cole Sonafrank's Stained Glass Soldering Tips Page" describes what it takes to learn good stained glass soldering (practice makes perfect). With links to more stained glass info.


Pottery Tutorial "A Beginner's Guide to the Art of Ceramics" is a very basic introduction to pottery making, and well illustrated with photos.

  Fiberglass & Composites, Carbon Fiber...

Fiberglass Working Tutorials "Polyester Plug and Mold Building" and "Fiberglassing with Pro-Glas Epoxy" are two online tutorials that serve as a good intro to working with fiberglass and resin from Fiberlay, a fiberglass specialty shop (click on the how-to link at their site).

Composites Search Engine "The largest database of composite industry related web sites on the internet".

  Amateur Science

Science Hobbyist This independent site for amateur scientists includes links, project ideas, and a feature called "Physics for Bored Commuters".


Circuit Cellar An online magazine for electronics hobbyists, particularly those interested in homebuilt computers or projects using embedded controllers.

MicroChip Technologies Microchip is a manufacturer of "PIC" embedded controller chips, microprocessors used by hobbyists to control homebuilt devices. Their website includes a developer's area, with much information on using PIC chips, and links to other electronic hobbyist's resources.

Basic Soldering Guide Provided by Everyday Practical Electronics magazine, this site covers how to solder, types of soldering iron, desoldering, and troubleshooting, with a photo gallery of good and poor soldering.


Crystal Radios An entire society, and website, dedicated to crystal set radios (or "xtal sets"). The site has online plans for cigar box and Quaker oat box crystal sets, information on their email newsletter and books, and more.

Zenith Transoceanic Radios "During its life the Zenith TransOceanic Radio was the finest tube-type portable shortwave radio in the world... The fact is that it had everything necessary to be a luxury item - fine craftsmanship, often to military specs... Tremendous performance." An overview of all of the models of these collectors items, with photographs, info on tube and battery replacements, links to other radio collectors sites, and more.

Amateur Radio Relay League The American Radio Relay League, an organization of ham radio operators that is over 75 years old, and their magazine, "QST". The site has plenty of information for everyone, and even more if you join.

  Photography & Cinematography (Photo & Video)

Photo Links A categorical directory of over 6,500 photography websites, with daily updates.

(Digital) Imaging Resource Articles, tips, and FAQs to help you select and use a digital camera or scanner.

  Cooking & Recipes

Betty Crocker Recipies from the most famous name in the recipie business. These are "kitchen-tested" recipies drawn from over 200 Betty Crocker cookbooks.

AllRecipies It's hard to believe the name, but they do have a lot of recipies. This is a database of user-submitted recipies, so the quality might not be as consistent as Betty Crocker, although the variety is tremedous.

Vegsource "Health without the hype", they proclaim. 10,000 vegetarian recipies, discussion forums led by doctors, articles, an "ask our experts" section, and more.

  More DIY Plans (search)

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