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Classic Chocolate Articles:
Chocolate & Pretty Girls 1892
Cacao & Cocoa in Ecuador 1899
The Charm of Chocolate 1920

Classic Candy & Snack Articles:
How Candy is Made 1892 & 1897
Homemade Candy 1896 & 1903
3 Articles on Popcorn 1897-1913

Classic Sugar Articles:
Indian Maple Sugar 1891
Louisiana Sugar Cane 1896
Maple Sugar Time 1897
Vermont Maple Sugar 1904
The Snare of Sugar 1920

Classic Coffee Articles:
Coffee History-5 articles 1887-1916
How to Make Coffee 1866
Ceylon Coffee Culture 1878
Coffee Growing in Guatemala 1888
Coffee in Nicaragua 1894
Coffee Culture in Mexico 1898
Coffee Culture in Hawaii 1898
Coffee Planting in Brazil 1899
Coffee Fields in Puerto Rico 1899

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Jewelry & Watches with 10 classic articles

Lingerie, Ladies
Classic Gem Articles:
Rubies, Sapphires, Emeralds 1895
Semi-Precious Stones 1896
Gem Cutting & Polishing 1896
Where Gems are Found 1904

Classic Diamond Articles:
On Diamond Cutting 1867
De Beers Diamond Mine 1888
Diamond Cutting Industry-Art 1895
Cutting the Cullinan Diamond 1908

Classic Pearl Articles:
Bahrein Pearl Trade 1914

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Classic Phonograph Articles:
An Evening With Edison 1878
Phono to Production 1888-94
Victor Talking Machine 1890-1929
Loud & Tube Victrolas 1898-1925

Classic Radio Articles:
Marconi's Wireless 1898-1899
The Wireless Telegraph 1899
Marconi-Grams 1902
Music by Wireless 1907
Radio Dancing - RCA 1916-1919
Audion Tube Described 1922

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Sporting Goods


United Kingdom Shops

Wine with newsfeed & 4 classic articles
Classic Tea Articles:
Tea in China 1854
Tea Growing in India 1862
For Drinkers of Tea 1870
Tea Growing in Ceylon 1888
Tea Ceremony in Japan 1892

Classic Telegraph Articles:
Telegraph to Wireless 1851-1904
Telegraph-Electricity History 1852
The Atlantic Telegraph Cable 1866

Classic Telephone Articles:
Telephone & Inventor Bell 1877
Telephone's First Ten Years 1886
Telephone Operator Girls 1899

Classic Watch Articles:
Making Watches in Waltham 1867

Classic Wine Articles:
White Wines of Bordeaux 1876
Wine Making at Home 1919

Classic Champagne Articles:
Champagne Making in France 1867
Making Champagne in France 1891