REALITY: Simple Truths from the Quicksand Foundation 


by Jeff Quitney

  • There is no solid "matter" (only relative impermeability).
  • No "thing" exists in isolation (all "things" are defined by their relationships with other "things").
  • Thus, "things" exist only as RELATIONSHIP CONSTELLATIONS (or relationship matricies).
  • There is no ultimate particle, atom, proton, quark, or whatever (they are relationship constellations, there is no "solid" at the core).
  • The only "things" that can be said to exist ABSOLUTELY are information (data) and algorithms (which are a form of data that processes, acts upon, transforms other data).
  • Information is the description of consistent relationships between relationship constellations. It is these CONSISTENT relationships then make information (and algorithms) "absolute". If there were not consistent relationships, there would be no information, only NOISE.
  • Thus adequate and accurate descriptions of reality can only be made in terms of information theory or CYBERNETICS.
  • Thus scenario Universe and any and all systems that are subsets of Universe can only be accurately described as relationship constellations and data processing systems.

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