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CNET, now owned by CBS, offers fast access to as many good downloads as any other web download site, and they have software reviews and ratings also. Files can listed in the order of popularity, date added, or file size, and searches can be filtered by many parameters after you arrive at the results pages:

find this:

  Software Download Links

ZDnet Downloads A similar download site from ZDnet, the publishers of PC Magazine and producers of TechTV.

Beta News The latest news on the newest software, with many free beta version downloads. Get it first (and watch it crash, or not as the case may be). A download site dedicated to Windows operating systems. A comprehensive, searchable database of hardware and software drivers you can download free.

Microsoft Windows Update Microsoft makes the OS you probably figure you're stuck with. This is the place to download the latest patches or upgrades. You must use the Microsoft Intenet Explorer browser to access Microsoft downloads.

  Software News & Information Links Active Network, with news and tips for all versions of Windows.

CNET If you can do without personal attention, CNET provides unlimited free online tech help with computer hardware, computer software, and consumer electronics.

Guides for Windows Online guides to the Windows, and scripting and security for Windows. You can ask questions as Windows Support Forums, too.

Registry Guide for Windows Tips on editing your Windows registry to solve problems and maximize performance.

Windows Annoyances helps you deal with Windows OS annoyances, providing work-arounds when possible.

  MSIE: Microsoft Internet Explorer Links

Microsoft Internet Explorer Microsoft's pages dedicated to the browser that about 80% of those online use. Get help, or download upgrades.

MSIE Tweaks Help and upgrade information for Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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