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The is the official web site of the US Department of Defense. The site provides official news, special reports, and links to other DOD websites.

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The US Army homepage links to the Defense Technical Information Center, the Army Center for Military History, the Army Reserve, National Guard, and ROTC, selected Army photos, Army recruiting, and many more related sites, and an index of all US Army websites.

The US Army Center for Military History photo collection includes photos from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War, and more.

The official website of the US Navy links to Navy news, a searchable gallery of Navy news photos, Navy ships info, an index of links to other US Navy websites, and more.

The US Marine Corps website includes Marines news and photos, info on deployed forces, and more, and is searchable and has a site map.

The US Air Force portal site includes USAF news, a current Ops Center (for Ops like Iraqi Freedom), and a gallery of current USAF photos (updated daily), recruiting and career info, and a complete index of over 600 USAF websites.

US Air Force Academy

The British Army site includes a section for serving soldiers, info on Army careers, units and organisations, and equipment, a photo gallery, and more.

The Royal Navy (UK) site has info on their fleet, operations, careers, the Royal Marines, RN news and events, and more.

The Royal Air Force (UK) site includes info on units and stations, news and events, a photo gallery and videos, aircraft and armament info, RAF history and careers, and more.

The Canadian Army has info on the organization, equipment, and missions of the Canadian Army, and more, with photos.

The Canadian Navy has info on the Canadian fleet, navy news, history, and career info, a reading room, photos, and more.

The Canadian Air Force site includes news, info on their organization, aircraft, and history, a library and photo gallery, and more.

The Australian Army site includes Australian Army news, info on East Timor ops, recruitment, basic info, history, a photo gallery, and more.

The Royal Australian Navy has Navy news, info on the fleet, naval history and careers, facts and figures, a photo gallery, and more.

The Royal Australian Air Force site has RAAF info, history and careers, bases and units, links to RAAF aicraft photos and specs, etc.

The Strategy Page, edited by military book author James Dunnigan, features current military news, plus articles on "leadership, peacetime operations, intelligence, information warfare and the like". has an excellent database of info about and photos of current Army weaponry, with links to all suppliers, plus info on defense companies, exhibitions, and organizations.

The Federation of American Scientists Imagery Intelligence section has images from spy planes and satellites, including many images from the Corona ('Discoverer') spy satellite project, taken between 1960 and 1972, now declassified.

US Army Center of Military History - Alex Chirnside's Military History

The Geometry of War, 1500-1750 includes an essay and 81 illustrations depicting European battlefield geometry of the period.

War Online is a free, web-based war strategy game.

Chemical and Biological Weapons Status at a Glance "details countries possessing or developing CW or BW." has features such as a personnel locator, a pay and benefits guide, a worldwide base guide, a free online Uniformed Serviceman's Almanac, Chat and discussion on hot topics of community interest, daily military news and information, 20,000 homepages for units, ships and squadrons, and US and foreign military hardware profiles.
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Afghanistan News & Weather - Iraq News & Weather

US Dept. of Defense | photos - UK Ministry of Defence

US Army: News | photos - USAF: News | photos

US Navy: Recent News | photos - USMC: News (home) | photos News

  US Department of Defense News

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  Free Military Books (.pdfs)

Rifle Fire in Trench Warfare US Army 1917
The Rifle in War 1909
CSA Volunteer's Hand Book 1861
Bayonet Exercise McClellan 1852
Infantry Tactics US Army 1830
Hand Book for Infantry 1814

Use of Rifle & Hand Grenades USA 1917
Grenade Warfare US Army 1917

  Free Firearms Books

.30 Maxim Gun 1904 US Army 1917
Vickers Machine Gun 1915 US Army 1917
.30 Gatling Gun 1895-1903 US Army 1917

.30 Mag. Rifle Model 1898 USA 1917
.30 Rifle Model 1898 US Army 1917
.30 Auto Machine Rifle 1909 USA 1917
.30 Rifle Model 1917 US Army
.30 Mag. Rifle Model 1903 USA 1908
.30 US Mag. Rifle & Carbine USA 1898

Small Arms Manual US Army 1917
Small Arms Instructor US Army 1917
Musketry US Army 1917
Shooting Gallery Mgmt US Army 1917
USMC Rifle Score Book 1912
Small Arms Manual US Army 1909
Small Arms Regulations US Army 1908

.45 Automatic Model 1911 US Army 1917
.45 Colt Double-Action Revolver USA 1917
.38 Colt Double-Action Revolver USA 1917

Firearms in US History 1920
The American Rife Whelen 1918
Rifle Cartridge Mfg 1916
Hand Firearms History 1906
The Gun & Its Development Greener 1907
American Small Arms Farrow 1904
American Pistols & Revolvers Gould 1894
Story of the Guns 1864
Rotating Chambered Firearms Colt 1855

  Free Artillery Books

Handbook of Artillery US Army 1920
Guns & Gunnery 1910
Guns & Gunning 1908
Gun Making in the US Birnie, US Army1907
Ancient Cannon Brackenbury 1865
Gunnery in 1858 1858
Artillery for US Land Service USA 1849

French 75-mm. Gun US Army 1917
155mm Howitzer Schneider USA 1920
2.95-inch Mountain Gun US Army 1916
3-inch 15-pounder Gun 1902M1 USA 1917
3.2-inch Field Battery US Army 1917
3.8-inch Gun US Army 1917
3.8-inch Howitzer 1915 US Army 1917
4.7-inch Howitzer 1913 US Army 1916
4.72-inch Gun Armstrong US Army 1917
6-inch Howitzer 1908 US Army 1917
6" Rapid-Fire Gun Armstrong USA 1917
8-16 Inch Seacoast Guns US Army 1917
12-inch Mortar US Army 1908

Horse Equipments US Army 1917
US Cavalry Instructions McClellan 1862
Cavalry in War Bismark 1855

  Staff Manual US Army 1917
Uniforms & Insignia Williams 1919
Military & Naval Recognition Bunkley 1918
Uniform of the United States Army 1913

Motor Transport Corps Manual USA 1919
Engineer Field Manual War Dept 1917
Engines of War 1841

Ordnance & Armor 1865
Modern Armor for Defence 1886
Rules for a Siege 1841

  Free World War I Books

History of the Great War Buchan 1922
Waiting for Daylight Tomlinson 1922
More Than Can be Told Gibbs 1921
Western & Southern Fronts Johnson 1921
US in the World War McMaster 1920
History of the World War Simonds 1920
Literary Digest History of WW 1920
Brief Histry of the Great War Hayes 1920
1st World War 1914-18 Repington 1920
Crisis of the Naval War Jellicoe 1920
Economic Cons. of Peace Keynes 1920
2 Colored Women with the AEF 1920
America in France Palmer 1919
War Stories 1919
NY Times Current History 1919
War Statistical Summary War Dept 1919
Civilisation, 1914-1917 Duhamel 1919
1914 Field-Marshal French 1919
27th Engineers History 1917-19 US Army
Own Story Ludendorff 1919
England & Germany 1740-1917 1918
Roots of the War 1870-1914 Davis 1918
Stakes of the War Stoddard 1918
The 1st Hundred Thousand Hay 1916

  Free Strategy & Tactics Books

Topography & Strategy Johnson 1917
Modern Warfare 1915
Modern Strategy James 1908
Combined Arms Warfare 1985 online only

  Free Military History Books

Military History Fortescue 1914
Famous Land Fights Atteridge 1914
Signals & Instructions 1776-1794 1908
History of Infantry LLoyd 1908
Military History Donaldson 1907
Soldiers of Fortune Shand 1907
Fighting Instructions 1530-1816 1905
Lee at Appromatox Adams 1902
Philippine Camp. Pictorial History 1899
15 Decisive Battles Creasy 1879
Victories & Defeats Anderson 1873
British War History Stokes 1869
The American Cruiser Little 1847
The Coldstream Guards MacKinnon 1833
Military History of Europe Biggs 1755

  Free Armies Books

Making of a Modern Army Radiguet 1918
Powers' General Staffs War Dept 1917
Staff Rides... Haking 1908
General Staff Duties Schellendorff 1893
Armies of To-Day Merritt 1892
Armies of Asia & Europe Upton 1878
Officer's Pocket Companion 1862
Armies of Europe McClellan 1861
European Military Resources 1856

  United Service Magazine 1904
US Military-Naval Magazine 1833
Naval & Military Magazine 1828

War's New Weapons 1915
Brassey's Armed Forces Year-Book 1906
Military & Naval Dictionary 1905
How Uncle Sam Fights 1898
Brassey's Armed Forces Year-Book 1888
Military Dictionary 1881
French Naval-Military Dictionary 1870
Army & Navy Chronicle 1839

  Free Naval Art & Science Books

Nelson & Other Naval Studies 1920
On Naval Warfare Mahan 1918
The Navy as Fighting Machine 1916
Naval Warfare 1913
Naval Strategy Mahan 1911
Naval Admin. & Warfare Mahan 1908
War on the Sea Strategy... 1908
The Art of Naval Warfare 1907-
Naval Warfare 1899
Defence of US Sea-Coast 1888
Modern Naval Tactics US ONI 1884
Torpedoes & Torpedo Warfare 1880
Gun, Ram & Torpedo 1874
Essay on Naval Tactics 1870
Squadron Tactics Under Steam 1864
On Naval Warfare with Steam 1860

  Free Sea Power Books

The Evolution of Sea-Power 1912

  Free Sailors Books

RN Sailor's Pocket Book 1875

  Free Navies Books

Handbook for Naval Officers 1920
Naval Development 1904
Hand-Book of Naval Gunnery 1898
A Naval Encyclopędia 1880
A Manual for Naval Cadets 1857

  Free Naval Architecture Books

Ship Calculations, Construction... 1917
Warship Structural Design Hovgaard 1915
Fore & Aft Rig Chatterton 1912
RN Naval Architecture Manual White 1900
Know Your Own Ship Walton1899
Navies of the World Very 1880
Treatise on Ship-Building Montagu 1852
History of Naval Arch. Fincham 1851
History of Marine Arch. Charnock 1801

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free aircraft & aviation books