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TIME Magazine, May 31, 1948, p. 56:

Life of the Moron
    Psychologists classify a moron as one grade above an imbecile, two above an idiot. He has a mental age of eight to twelve, and I.Q. between 50 and 70. How does he get along, or does he? Dr. Ruby Jo Reeves Kennedy, sociologist at the Connecticut College for Women, made a survey of 256 morons, decided that in these days of full employment, the moron is generally employable and doing surprisingly well for himself.

    The typical male moron, Dr. Kennedy reported in Boston last week to the American Association on Mental Deficiency, is a semi-skilled worker earning between $35 and $55 a week, compared with the average U.S. industrial wage of $51.50. He gets to work on time, gets along very well with people smarter than he is. Movies are his favorite entertainment, though he also listens to the radio regularly. He marries, at an average age of 21.9 years, a wife who went farther in school than he, and has an average of one child. Dr. Kennedy made no test of the child's intelligence.

    The female moron makes more money than the normal woman industrial worker, but doesn't save her money.


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