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Edmunds New Car Info provides auto reviews, consumer information, information about incentives and rebates, news and analysis of developments in the automotive world.

The is a database of where frequent or permanent speedtraps are, to inform you of potential traffic slowdowns and traffic hazards. You can submit your own speed trap reports to the database.

Auto Gas Mileage Search The US government presents car gas mileage data for vehicles from 1985 to present. Look before you buy.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Adminstration provides loads of info on auto safety, including regulations and standards, air bag info, auto crashworthiness information, and much more.

Auto Education provides another view of how cars work and basic auto problem troubleshooting.

Motor and Diagnosis is an archive of mechanical problems of various makes and models of cars.

Car Talk, starring Tom and Ray Magliozzi (aka "Click and Clack The Tappet Brothers")is a website, a weekly show on 450 National Public Radio stations, and a newspaper column in 300 papers. The website is loaded with info, such as the Guide to Junkyards, Lemon Laws, MechanX Files, and much more.

Classic Car is a site dedicated to classic and collectible cars, with articles about classic cars and car restoration, chat and forums, and a search engine to find auto museums and events.

My Classic Car accompanies a TV show, with collectible car event news, articles, chat, a photo gallery, and much more.

AutoGuide is a directory of over 4,500 links to auto-related websites. Unfortunately for browsing only, there is no search engine.

  RV News & Information Links ( Camper & Recreational Vehicle News Links ) An RV portal, linking to "the ultimate network of RV sites dedicated to serving enthusiasts of the open road... comprehensive information on RV clubs, products, publications, resources and services".

Motor Home Magazine News, RV selection info and road tests, feature articles and towing info, and more.

  Motorcycle News and Information Links ( Biker News Links )

Motorcycle USA is a motorcycle portal with news, photo galleries, bike specs, fantasy racing and moto trivia games, forums and chat, and a links directory.

Sport Bike World is an online community (chat, forums, and more) for Sportbike riders, with over 13,000 registered members, and usually a couple of hundred online at any given time.

Bike Pics has thousands of motorcycle pictures, videos, and sounds (you can submit your own, too). Plus images and reviews of new bikes.

It is very difficult to find free online repair help, but Dan's Online Motorcycle Repair Course provides comprehensive general instruction, from 2 and 4 stroke engine basics to exploded views of a dozen different motorcycle clutches.

Transworld Motocross

TIME Magazine, October 19, 1962, p. 88:

The Pursuit of Perfection
...the first restyled Rolls-Royce in years... boasts twin horizontal headlights, a lower hood, wider grille and hotter engine (around 270 h.p.). For the select minority who can affor Rolls prices (from $15,655 in the U.S. for the Silver Cloud II to $27,617 for the Park Ward), this was big news. But for Rolls-Royce Ltd. itself, autos are now little more than a sideline. Since World War II, the company has diversified into everything from rocket engines to nuclear propulsion systems. By so doing, it has become one of Britain's notable growth companies: since 1950 its sales have soared from $134 million to $365 million last year and its earnings from $1.7 million to $7 million.

Jet Boost. Rolls-Royce's founding genuis was the late Henry Royce, a compulsive tinkerer who in 1904 built an auto so silent and efficient that it won him the financial backing of Charles Stewart Rolls, and elegant aristocrat who owned a London auto sales agency. In 1906 the pair began turning out the famed Silver Ghost, a car that stayed in production for 19 years. Royce was a fanatic on mechanical perfection, and his high standards have become the company's most hallowed tradition. At Rolls-Royce's auto plant in northwest England, Rolls cars (which are called "Royces" around the plant) are built with unhurried precision. Every part is hand-ground and matched to its mate. All told, the assembly and testing of a Rolls take about two weeks, v. four hours for a Cadillac.
This pursuit of perfection, transferred to aircraft engines, gave Rolls its finest hour. In the Battle of Britain, Rolls-Royce's Merlin engine helped give the R.A.F.'s Spitfires and Hurricanes the edge over the Luftwaffe... Today, 56% of all commercial jet planes in the free world are powered by Rolls-Royce engines. Nearly 80% of the companies sales-- and, in all probability, nearly 100% of its profits-- come from its jet engine division.

One reason for Roll's pre-eminence lies in the fact that the company is run by engineers who have never compromised their technical standards to increase profit margins... the company's operational boss is brilliant Engineer James D. Pearson, 54, and of its 13 directors, ten hold engineering degrees...

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The New York Times, November 26, 1916, p. 2:


Many Cars Already on Way and Hotel Reservations Point to Crowds--
Latest on Road Conditions.


Chief Road Man, the Automobile Club of America.

    The club car has just returned from a Southern exploration trip, the route being by way of Trenton, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Richmond, Pinehurst, Columbia, Savannah to Jacksonville, then along the East Coast to Miami and all of the West Coast of Florida.

    This trip is made yearly, and we find this year about 50 per cent. improvement on the roads over the last year. Hundreds of cars are now on their way from different parts of the North, and in talking to hotel men they say that thousands of inquiries are being made for reservations for the coming season. Motor travel to Florida has increased 60 per cent. in the last year, and this Winter is expected to break all records. The people of the South are very enthusiastic on the building of good roads and hundreds of miles are now in course of construction, and by the Fall of 1917 most all trunk lines will be 75 per cent. hard surface.

    A résumé of road conditions from Washington south, follows:

    Crossing the Forty-second Street Ferry, running through Newark, Elizabeth, Rahway, Metuchen, and New Brunswick, all in good condition, with the exception of a short stretch just before reaching Metuchen, which is a trifle rough.

    From Washington to Fredericksburg, the bad stretch crossing the big swamp just beyond Dumfries, which has been a menace to the motorist and a drawback to touring south, is now under construction and should be finished the latter part of January. There are eight miles across this swamp, and most of the work is filling-in, and when finished will be practically a causeway, which will cost very near $40,000. At present after a rain the motorist would find the above section impassable and the alternate route, which would also be bad in wet weather, is via Fairfax Court House and Manassas to Fredericksburg. From Fredericksburg to Richmond there is a fair sand-clay road, which is passable in any kind of weather.

    A considerable improvement has been made on the road between Richmond and Charlottesville; at the same time there are a number of stretches which are very bad in wet weather and so slippery that it is rather difficult to keep in the road after a very heavy rain. From Charlottesville to Staunton, connecting with the Shenandoah Valley route, all hard surface, in good condition and affords excellent scenery, especially over the mountain through Rock Fish Gap.

    From Richmond to Old Point Comfort and Fort Monroe, via Jamesburg and Newport News, all graded and mostly in fair condition, with the exception of one or two stretches which are red clay and a trifle slippery in wet weather. This is an excellent side trip for the motorist going south. From Richmond south the first twenty miles to Petersburg are macadam, which has become badly worn, but is passable. Balance of route through Dinwiddie, South Hill, Boydton, Clarksville, crossing the State line just beyond Soudan, then through Stovall, Oxford, Bragtown to Durham, all open, graded sand-clay in fair condition, with the exception of a few stretches which have become worn and pitted, but are passable. From Durham to Pinehurst through Cary and Sanford all open and in good condition. From Pinehurst through Jackson Springs, Rockingham to Cheraw is a graded sand-clay road, which is commencing to show wear, with a number of badly pitted stretches, but passable.

    From Cheraw to Camden is graded sand-clay, with some short rough stretches. The long iron bridge at Camden is graded sand-clay, with some short rough stretches. The long iron bridge at Camden over the Wateree River, collapsed during a heavy storm in the Spring and a ferry is now running which carries six automobiles at one time, taking ten minutes to cross. From Camden to Columbia is a graded sand-clay road which is fair. From Columbia to Augusta via Aiken is a sand-clay road mostly in good condition. From Augusta to Savannah via Sylvania is a fair graded sand-clay road, with one or two rough stretches to Sylvania, then an unimproved somewhat rutted road through Newington [illegible] to within ten miles of Savannah, balance excellent shell road.

    From Savannah to Jacksonville there is an improved shell road for the first eighteen miles. There is a new bridge across the Ogeechee River, which was formerly crossed by ferry and always a bad wet place to get through. Balance is a marl road in fair condition to Darien. To cross the Altamaha River it is necessary to load the automobile on a flat car, and an excellent ramp and platform have been built by the railroad company and the train is drawn over with a small gasoline engine. The trip across the swamp is eight miles; charges $3 for each machine. There is somewhat of a delay on this trip; at the same time it is an excellent way to cross the river and a swamp.

    A good shell road runs from the car landing through Broadfield to Brunswick. The first fifteen miles out of Brunswick is a good shell road, then alternating stretches of good and rough road through White Oak to the ferry crossing the Satilla River. A new causeway has just been finished from White Oak to the ferry. Alternating stretches of fair shell and rutted dirt through Kingsland to the ferry crossing St. Mary's river, then a rough and badly rutted stretch, but passable, to Yulee. From Yulee the balance of the route is good shell to Jacksonville.

    From Jacksonville to Atlantic Beach there is a good brick road. From Jacksonville down the East Coast there are eighty-one miles of brick in good condition, and fourteen miles of shell through St. Augustine to Ormond.

    There is a new road under construction between Ormond and Sea Breeze. There is also a road under construction between Knoxenbean Grove and Tomoka, and a new bridge recently finished across the Halifax River, between Tomoka and Daytona. The most fascinating trip is to run down on the beach from Ormond to Sea Breeze. There is a runway which the motorist can use to get on to the beach at Ormond, also an exit under the Clarendon Hotel at Sea Breeze. The motorist can drive as fast as the car will go on the beach, without any fear of arrest.

    From Daytona there is a bridge under construction at Port Orange and a section is also under construction between Oak Hill and Fort Pierce. All of this construction work should be finished by Jan. 1, and when finished there will be an open road, all hard surface and in good condition, straight through to Miami.

    The road is under construction, putting [illegible] between Daytona and Deland, and should be opened by Jan. 1. Polk County is building 150 miles of highway [illegible, possibly "which will be sand-"]asphalt, and when finished the entire trunk line from Kissimee through Auburndale, Lakeland, and Plant City to Tampa will be hard surfaced. As the road from Deland through Orlando to Kissimee is now all good brick, the motorist can cross the peninsula from Daytona to Tampa on all good road.

    The brick roads of Florida are only nine feet wide, but heavy wire grass is planted in the sand on each side, three feet from the shoulder, making it easy for two cars to pass.