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The Quicksand Foundation directories are
engineered to provide users with
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  • All of the QuickWebSites have direct entries for many specialized search engines-- and the results always open in new windows.

  • The QuickNews news directory has direct entries for 17 good news and article search engines.

  • The QuickSciTech science, technology, and biomedical directory has direct entries for Scirus, US OSTI, Los Alamos Preprints, ResearchIndex, and other scitech & biomed search engines.

  • All navigation headers include Google search, a direct login for QuickFound.net email, and a direct zip entry for AccuWeather.
The objective of the Quicksand Foundation is to help people to access information that will lead them to understand the living Earth as an information creating subsystem within the expanding Universe.

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Quicksand Foundation:
The general and academic directory, plus top US regional news by city and state, plus world, financial, and other news (updated 24 hours a day as new stories arise). QuickNews (news.quickfound.net) has now been merged into this top-level domain.

A shopping directory and portal designed for easy store comparisons with over 500 links to the finest shops and services on the Internet (more added all the time).

Top entertainment news, links, and search engines, covering music, movies, TV, theatre, dance, art, and more.

Investment, financial, and business news, links, and search engines, including a stock ticker and search for quotes and charts.

SciTech and BioMed search, and current news covering general science, health, medicine, biology, astronomy, space exploration, the environment, physics, chemistry, and more.

Travel news, travel search, booking agents, flight tracking, primary travel links, plus more.

Web development news, tips, help search, primary links, domain registrars and web hosting services, plus more.

Top news and scores in all sports updated 24 hours a day as new stories arise. Plus primary sports links, and direct entry for sports search engines.

QuickSports Tennis:
Top tennis news updated 24 hours a day, with current WTA results. Plus primary tennis links, and direct entry for tennis search engines.

QuickSports Anna Kournikova:
Anna Kournikova news, plus Anna's WTA record (with match photos from most tournaments), a Kournikova biography, Kournikova interviews, and Kournikova links.

QuickSports Martina Hingis:
Martina Hingis news, plus Martina's WTA record (with match photos from most tournaments), Hingis interviews, and Hingis links.

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